BREEAM compliant cycle shelters

At Secure Cycle Store, all our cycle shelters can be used to demonstrate compliance with BREEAM.

BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. It helps investors, developers, design and construction teams and occupiers to use natural resources more efficiently.

Our cycle shelters can help you to achieve two of the nine points available under BREEAM’s Ene 09 transport section, which is attributed to cycle storage compliance.

Ene 09 has been designed to encourage more people to cycle by providing them with adequate and secure cycle storage facilities, thereby reducing the need for short car journeys.

BREEAM Ene09 cycle storage

All our cycle shelters meet the BREEAM compliance criteria, which is summarised below:

  1. Sufficient secure cycle storage spaces for the number of people in the building, or use of the property.
  2. The storage is covered overhead to protect from weather.
  3. Bikes are secured within spaces in racks. For BREEAM compliance, both the frame and wheels must be able to be secured to the rack, floor or wall
  4. The rack or shelter will be fixed to a permanent structure.
  5.  Where cycle storage is provided for staff members, 2 of 3 facilities below must be available
    1. Shower(s) – as a guide one for every 10 cycle spaces (these need not be dedicated showers for cyclists)
    2. Changing facilities and lockers
    3. Clothes drying facilities
  6. There should be a gap wide enough between each space to allow for bike access and storage.
  7. The storage can be viewed or overlooked from an occupied building or main access to the building
  8. Adequate controlled lighting
  9. The cycle storage is located within 100 meters of the property (ideally 50 mtr)

If you are looking for advice on BREEAM compliant cycle shelters, our award-winning team is here to help, just call 0151 324 0779 or email [email protected]

Download Full BREEAM Ene 09 technical manual here