Code for Sustainable compliant cycle shed storage

All our secure garden cycle sheds and secure cycle shelters can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Introduced in 2007, the Code for Sustainable Homes was a national standard for rating and certifying the environmental performance of new homes in order to drive continuous improvement in sustainable house building.

Although no longer a mandatory requirement of housebuilding, many developers may still have cycle storage specifications which need to be built in accordance with the Code.

At Secure Cycle Store, our garden cycle sheds can help you achieve two credits under the the ENE8 section of the Code for Sustainable Homes, which is attributed to cycle storage compliance.

The aim of ENE8 is to promote “wider use of bicycles as transport by providing adequate and secure cycle storage facilities, thus reducing the need for short car journeys and the associated CO2 emissions”.

Code for Sustainable Homes ENE8 cycle shed storage

All our garden cycle sheds meet the Code for Sustainable Homes ENE8 criteria which is summarised below:


Note: The requirements for secure cycle shed storage are met where compliance with clause 35 of Secured by Design (SBD) New Homes 2010 is achieved.

If you are looking for advice on Code compliant secure cycle storage, our award-winning team is here to help, just call 0151 324 0779 or email [email protected]

Download Full ENE8 2010 Issue here