Pedal Post

  • The pedal post is a great alternative to a Sheffield stand. It is more compact and avoids scratches to the bike as the bike is held by the pedal as opposed to being leant against the stand.

  • The pedal post has staggered slots for up to two bikes per post.

  • There are numerous locking points on the pedal post allowing the user to secure the bike wheel and frame to the post.

  • The pedal post is also available in a compact version, where both bikes face the same way.


Price: from £80 ex. VAT and delivery

Lead time: from two weeks

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Pedal Post

Our unique pedal post is a great space saving alternative to a traditional sheffield stand. When it is not being used it takes up much less space than a sheffield stand, whilst providing the same functionality. It acts as a stand for two bicycles which are held by their pedals. There is a protective rubber strip where the bike pedal touchs the stand to make sure the bike does not get damaged or scratched.

The pedal post also provides locking points so that the user can securely lock their bike to the post.

Pedal Post Options

Design: Available in two different configurations standard and staggered (as shown in the picures). 

Finish: The Pedal Post is available in powder coated steel, stainless steel, or corten steel for a unique, weathered look.


Pedal Post Installation

The Pedal Post is securely fixed to the ground using anchor bolts.

SECURE Cycle Store can provide installation via our helpful installation team if required.

Pedal Post Price

The pedal post is available in standard or staggered configuration at no extra cost.

Corten Steel: £80 excluding VAT and delivery

Powder Coated: £85 excluding VAT and delivery

Stainless Steel: £195 excluding VAT and delivery