Two-tier Cycle Rack

  • Our two tier cycle rack provides a great space saving solution with the added convenience of integrated locks.

  • The two tier cycle rack comes in numerous configurations, the one shows how the bike is securely fixed to the rack using the customers own lock.

  • The two tier bike rack is modular and so can be extended to provide storage for any number of bikes. This is the most space saving way of providing bike storage.

  • The top level of the two tier bike rack has two gas assisted struts which make lifting of the bike very easy.


Price: from £470 (per 2 spaces) ex. VAT and delivery

Lead time: from 2 weeks

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Two Tier Cycle Rack Description

The Two Tier Cycle Rack is a unique and easy to use cycle rack, with excellent space saving bike storage, superb usability and high value; allowing you to house twice as many bikes in the same area and space as any standard bike rack.

The Two Tier Cycle Rack is especially popular where high density cycle storage is essential such as stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks and offices. It can help contribute towards your developments BREEAM or Code for Sustainable Homes Credits.

For all types of bicycles

The Two Tier Bike Rack can accommodate all types of bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes and electric bikes. The bicycle is supported by wheel channels and the back wheel is stabilised by a bar to hold the bike in place. The Two Tier Cycle Rack is unique as it offers a number of different security levels built into the rack itself. 

Simple and easy

The upper and lower cycle racks are staggered allowing easier acces to bike storage at the lower level whilst maintaning access to the upper level when bikes are installed at the lower level. This rack is excellent for space saving as the cycle stands are so compact with a centre to centre distance of only 375mm.


The Two Tier Cycle Rack comes in 4 specification levels and a variety of finishes are available so it can be used indoor, outdoor and also within a secure or unsecured areas.

All models come with a gas assisted strut for safe, quiet and easy loading of cycles onto the second storage level. 

They are also available in 4 or 6 bike versions, and also we provide a back to back version to further help reduce the footprint space required for installation.

Standard two tier cycle rack

Our standard two tier cycle rack rack proivdes exceptional value for money. High qulity steel construction with a gas strut to assist the lifting of bikes onto the upper tier.  The mechanism is both sturdy and quiet to use. Users are able to lock their bike to the rack using their own lock. 

Standard Secure two tier cycle rack 

The Standard Secure two tier cycle rack has the same great solid construction as the standard, but it also includes extra protection for the front wheel of the bike. Two panels are included either side of the front wheel which prevent access to it so that it cannot be removed.

Automtic locking two tier cycle rack

The automaticl locking two tier cycle rack takes security a step further by providing an automatic locking system for the whole bike. Once the bike is posistioned on the rack, both the front and rear wheels are secured to the frame. 

Automatic locking two tier cycle rack with integrated lock

This two tier cycle rack has the same automatic full bike locking system as above, but also includes an integrated lock for the added convenience of the users.

The lock can be key, coin or card operated.

Two Tier Cycle Rack Specification

  • 6mm steel construction
  • Please note that a height of 2560mm is required for the cycle rack
  • Bikes are stored at 375mm or 400mm centers
  • The Two Tier Cycle Rack is 2044mm deep, and requires an aditional 1306mm loading space

Two Tier Cycle Rack Security

The Two tier cycle rack is available in 4 different speicifcations;

Standard Two Tier Cycle Rack

The Standard Two Tier Cycle Rack features a user friendly and robust design. There is a locking point at the rear wheel for the user to use their own lock to secure the bike to the cycle rack.

Standard Secure Two Tier Cycle Rack

The Standard Secure Two Tier Cycle Rack has all the benefits of the Standard, plus extra protection for the front wheel. The metal plate prevents access to the front wheel of the bike.

Automatic Locking Two Tier Cycle Rack

The Automatic Two Tier Cycle Rack provides an automatic locking feature for both the front and rear wheels. This lock is then secured by the users chain or D lock.

Automatic Locking Two Tier Cycle Rack w/ Integrated Lock

The Automatic Locking Two Tier Cycle rack has the same locking mechanism as above, but the security lock is provided with the sysetm so the user does not need to carry a chain or D lock with them. This is much more convenient to use! The lock provided can be key coin or card operated.


The two tier cycle rack is avaialble with the following finishes;

Powder Coated - with an undercoat Epoxy paint and a durable finishing Polyester paint. Comes standard in grey, but can be painted to a RAL color of your choice.

Galvanised - galvanised finish for all weather durability

Stainless Steel - the ultimate in style and durability

Two Tier Cycle Rack Installation

Two tier cycle racks are securely bolted to the floor. 

SECURE Cycle Store are able to provide a design and installation service for you. Please contact us if you require any help!

Two Tier Cycle Rack Price

Pricing for 2 cycle spaces starts at £470 excluding VAT and delivery.

Pricing will vary depending on speciciation.