Cycle Racks and hangers

About Cycle Racks and hangers

Cycle racks, also known as bike racks or bike hangers, provide a convenient and safe place to store bicycles. A cycle rack is different to a cycle stand as it holds the bike in place, providing a more convenient and secure form of bike storage.

Cycle racks normally save more space than cycle stands as they hold the bike in a semi-vertical or vertical position. Some of our bikeĀ racks are designed to hold multiple bikes and hold the bikes at staggered heights, so that the bikes can be placed closer together, further helping to save space.

Our innovative range of cycle racks and hangers can be used individually or within cycle compounds. At SECURE Cycle Store, our aim is to constantly innovate and design cycle parking solutions where space is at a premium.


Our range of cycle racks provide secure, space-saving and accessible cycle storage solutions for a host of applications. Whether it be for a school, railway, hospital, housing association or block of flats, our award-winning team will work closely with you to choose the best fit for your specific project requirements.

Our best-selling racks include;

- Two-tier bike racks

- Semi-vertical bike racks