Cycle Shelters

Fabricated Steel Bike Shelter With Vertical Racks in Mesh Cage Finish

About Cycle Shelters

Outdoor Bike Storage

Our range of Outdoor Cycle Shelters come in a variety of different styles, providing total cover, partial covered and hideaway. You choose what you want to see on your property, specify the size and we do the rest.

We create weather-proof and intruder-proof bespoke covered Shelters for your current rack stands, or we can start fresh and get you set up with something brand new.

Our Systems are compliant with Code For Sustainable Homes and can be made compliant with Secured by Design requirements. This helps us deliver to you the best possible quality in custom Bike Shelters.

Do you own a new-build project, operate a retail, office or multiple occupancy residential space? You need to be providing tenants, staff and visitors with a minimum of 2 Cycle Stands per 500 sqm. As well as meeting regulation, you can be seen contributing positively to your city’s Transport links. With Secure Cycle Store’s robustly engineered, innovative Cycle Storage Sheds, you can do so in style.

Bespoke Cycle Shelters

Secure Cycle Store is about keeping your costs down and driving industry standards right back-up. If our range of Wall Mounts, Protection Boxes, Street Shelters, and the other inventive products we stock don't quite suit; you can tailor anything to fit your needs.

With almost a decade of industry experience in sustainable construction and building work, our Store will specify and alter a product by your say so.

As long as your bespoke shelter meets regulation - Code for Sustainable Homes and Car & Cycle Parking Standards for your area - your wish is our command.

We appreciate that building Outdoor Cycle Shelters for your public/private space is a necessity. Making the best Storage Unit that you possibly can, is our priority as much as it is yours.

With that in mind our custom range allows you to mix and match qualities you like from different products, add powder finishes, beef up security, minimise cost and more. Even if you simply want a Bicycle Shelter that matches your building's aesthetic, we will fabricate a custom shelter that exceeds your expectations, guaranteed.


Outdoor Bike Shelter Canopies provide a simple, easy fix for public, private, tenant, and employee Bicycle Storage.

Our Canopy range is composed of reinforced polycarbonate; anti-vandal and UV resistant with multiple locking options. The galvanised steel frames can be fabricated specifically for you, adapting to current outdoor racks that you may already have, fitting neatly over the surface or being rooted into the ground.

Available in widths of up to 8.25 metres and fitting anywhere between 6 - 20 bicycles at one time, the curved frames can be adapted with a sliding door, keeping bikes dry and on the road. The doors can be secured via key-lock or programmable card-lock depending on your budget. If you're setting up Cycle Storage by or near a street, this feature is an absolute must, offering zero crawl perimeter, multiple locking options, and piece of mind for you.