Two-tier Cycle Racks and Shelters

Two Tier Bike Racks for secure bicycle storage


About Two-tier Cycle Racks and Shelters

Two-tier bike racks are the best cycle racks for high density areas where a large amount of bikes are to be stored in the minimum amount of space. The second level usually has a mechanism allowing cyclists to easily and safely lift and secure their bike.

Two-tier bike racks are ideal for apartments, offices, hospitals and transport hubs and can help developers meet their transport statement requirements when space is at a premium.

SECURE Cycle Store offer a range of 2 tier bike racks and shelters. Gas-assist struts on the upper levels are offered on some models, making it easier for cyclists to use.


Two Tier Bike Rack Floor to Ceiling Height

NOTE: Please be aware that due to the nature of a two-tier bike rack, we recommend that you should always check the floor to ceiling height of the proposed installation location at the design stage. Typically a floor to ceiling height of at least 2.6 meters is required when installing two-tier cycle racks, however we recommend you check on the specific cycle racks details before specifying or ordering the product.