Two-tier Cycle Racks and Shelters

Two Tier Bike Racks for secure bicycle storage

About Two-tier Cycle Racks and Shelters

Two-tier bike racks are the best cycle racks for high density areas where a large amount of bikes are to be stored in the minimum amount of space. The second level usually has a mechanism allowing cyclists to easily and safely lift and secure their bike.

Two-tier bike racks are ideal for apartments, offices, hospitals and transport hubs and can help developers meet their transport statement requirements when space is at a premium.

SECURE Cycle Store offer a range of 2 tier bike racks and shelters. Gas-assist struts on the upper levels are offered on some models, making it easier for cyclists to use.


Two Tier Bike Rack Floor to Ceiling Height

NOTE: Please be aware that due to the nature of a two-tier bike rack, we recommend that you should always check the floor to ceiling height of the proposed installation location at the design stage. Typically a floor to ceiling height of at least 2.6 meters is required when installing two-tier cycle racks, however we recommend you check on the specific cycle racks details before specifying or ordering the product.


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Latest Reviews

Avatar image

Mark O' Gara

a month ago

We have bought two of their bike repair stands for two separate office refurbishment projects and have received great feedback from the end users. Very useful product which looks great.

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Annamarie Balram

3 months ago

We are absolutely delighted with this product, the service we received and the speed of delivery. This produce forms part of the equipment we use for our Bike Maintenance Project, that supports people who are experiencing homelessness to maintain and repair their bikes so that they a) have a mode of transport and b) learn new skills

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Garry Coutts

3 months ago

Very pleased with the cycle store. It was a great business to business with and would happily use them again.