Sheffield Toast Rack

Sheffield Toast Rack description

Our Sheffield Toastrack is an innovative hoop design which allows two bikes to be stored on either side. This makes it ideal for multi-parking and extrmely cost-effective for specifiers.

It allows cyclists to easily chain both the cycle frame and wheels securely to the stand offering peace of mind when leaving their bike for a length of time.


Sheffield toast rack specification

  • Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999
  • 3mm mild steel construction
  • SECURE - bolted down using security bolts (overground fixing only)


Sheffield toast rack dimensions (stand only)

  Width Depth Height
6 space (3 stands) 1500mm 750mm 750mm
8 space (4 stands) 2250mm 750mm 750mm
10 space (5 stands) 3000mm 750mm 750mm


Sheffield toast rack dimensions (with bikes)

  Width Depth Height
6 space (3 stands) 2250mm 2100mm 1000mm
8 space (4 stands) 3000mm 2100mm 1000mm
10 space (5 stands) 3750mm 2100mm 1000mm


toast rack 2.JPGtoast rack 1.JPGtoast rack 3.JPG

Delivery Information

Available in 2-3 days