Two-Tier Bike Rack (non-gas assist)

Our two-tier bike rack features a slide out top tier making it easier to use. We also have a gas-assisted version available.

  • Easy to use - slide out top level to aid storing of the bike 
  • SECURE - multiple locking points for each bike
  • Save space - two-tier bike racks store more bikes in less space compared to other bike racks

Availability: 14+ days

Two-Tier Bike Rack (non-gas assist) description

Our cost effective two-tier rack is ideal for areas that need to maximise the number of bikes that can be stored in a limited space. Its key features are;

  • Store more bikes in less space - a two tier bike rack allows you to store more bikes in less space. The spaces are set at staggered heights allowing closer spacing.
  • Easy to use - a simple roller mechanism at the upper level allows the top level bike channel to slide in and out of position.
  • Secure - each bike space comes with 2 points to lock the bike to helping to reduce theft.

This budget, non-gas assisted version is still incredibly easy to use - the top tier simply slides out and lowers down to allow users to access their bike. At the lower levels, the user simply wheels their bike into position.

SECURE locking hoops for both the frame and the wheel are provided for the user to lock their bike to.

It is made in Britain and has a modular design so it can be extended to suit the layout configuration required. Back-to-back variation are also available.


We can provide a design service to help maximise the number of bike spaces for a designated area.


Two-tier bike rack space requirements

Minimum height 2450-2500mm for the average bike
Minimum depth 1800mm (plus 1300mm for access)
Width Bike centers at 375mm, total width depends on quantity ordered
Floor The racks are bolted to the ground, so a suitible level concrete base is required



The two-tier rack is made from mild steel which is hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2011


Red handle option


Delivery Information

Available in 14+ days

Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to provide a delivery cost online. Please contact us for our delivery rates for this product.


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Laura Fraser

2 months ago

We received this and it was exactly as described, arrived quickly and securely. The company were a pleasure to deal with and throughout our order made sure we were kept up to date regarding delivery times. An all round great service.

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Alison Harley

3 months ago

We bought an outdoor tool cycle station and the service from this company was amazing. Friendly staff and a good quality product when it arrived. Thanks

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Ryan Lenney

4 months ago

Great repair units that are easily customisable and effective. This has been installed and is ready to be used by the local community and support cycling. We are very pleased with the service and turn out of the product. This is the second time we have purchased from SECURE and would recommend it for great value.