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    With an increasing number of professionals choosing cycling as their preferred commute method, the need for adequate bike storage in offices has never been more apparent. Beyond promoting physical health, offering secure and convenient bike storage facilities supports environmental sustainability and enhances a company’s attractiveness to prospective talent.

    In this article we try to cover all aspects of bike storage at the office or workplace, from EOTF through to BREEAM, with some examples of how we have helped staff from Hello Fresh to the NHS make it easier to cycle to work.

    The Importance of Bike Storage in Modern Workplaces

    In today’s eco-conscious world, facilitating cycling is not just about having racks available; it’s about integrating these solutions into the fabric of our daily work life. Offices that provide comprehensive bike storage solutions see a noticeable improvement in employee satisfaction and retention, particularly among those committed to green living and physical fitness.

    End of trip facilities (EOTF)

    Introduction to End of Trip Facilities (EOTF)

    End of Trip Facilities (EOTF) are essential amenities designed to support those who opt for active commuting, such as cycling or walking, to reach their workplaces or other destinations. These facilities typically include secure bicycle storage, showers, lockers, and occasionally even repair stations. By providing these amenities, businesses can address the common challenges faced by active commuters, making it more appealing for employees to adopt healthier and more sustainable transportation methods.

    The Role of End of Trip Facilities in Modern Workplaces

    Incorporating End of Trip Facilities into the workplace significantly enhances its attractiveness, particularly to employees who prioritise environmental sustainability and personal health. Moreover, EOTF align with broader corporate sustainability objectives by encouraging a shift away from car dependency and fostering a culture of health and environmental awareness. Providing these facilities not only supports the physical well-being of employees but also contributes to a more dynamic, inclusive, and forward-thinking workplace environment.

    How Secure Cycle Store can help with your office bike storage

    We specialise in the design, supply and installation of bike storage throughout the UK. So whether it is a basic semi-vertical bike rack to provide a convenient space saving solution for a few bikes, or a larger outdoor shelter for a multi-storey office building, we have a solution for you!

    Here are a few examples of past projects that we have worked on to help UK businesses with their bike storage;

    Hello Fresh – Bike Storage for Employees

    Hello Fresh faced a significant challenge as their employee base grew and more staff members turned to cycling. Our tailored bike storage solutions helped them double their bike storage capacity and enhance security, ensuring that employees felt their valuable bikes were well-protected during work hours.

    NHS & Fire Stations Bike Storage Solutions

    For NHS sites and fire stations, where shift work is common, 24/7 access to secure bike storage is crucial. We installed robust, weather-resistant storage units that provided easy access and exceptional security, helping to reduce stress for these essential workers.

    Bike Storage for Warehouses

    The expansive warehouse in Suffolk required a bespoke solution that could accommodate a large volume of bikes in a limited space. Our installation included high-density bike racks that maximised the use of vertical space, significantly increasing the warehouse’s bike storage capacity without expanding its footprint.

    Design Considerations for Effective Office Bike Storage

    When planning to install bike storage, businesses should consider several factors including the available space, the typical number of users, security needs, and ease of access. Ensuring that these elements are addressed in the design phase leads to more efficient and user-friendly solutions.

    Implementing proper bike storage facilities at work not only supports the health and well-being of employees but also aligns with broader corporate sustainability goals. The case studies mentioned reflect just a few ways that tailored bike storage solutions can meet diverse needs while enhancing overall workplace functionality.

    BREEAM – Tra 03 Cyclist Facilities

    Integration of BREEAM TRA 03 in Sustainable Building Practices

    BREEAM TRA 03 is a vital component of the BREEAM certification that assesses the effectiveness of a building’s transport systems and facilities. By promoting accessible and diverse transportation options, TRA 03 encourages developments to reduce their environmental impact and enhance user well-being. For offices, this includes providing excellent End of Trip Facilities (EOTF), which align perfectly with TRA 03 objectives. These facilities not only support sustainable commuting practices but also contribute significantly to achieving higher BREEAM ratings, demonstrating an organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

    The Importance of BREEAM TRA 03 in Enhancing Workplace Sustainability

    Adhering to BREEAM TRA 03 standards can significantly boost a building’s sustainability profile while promoting healthier, low-carbon commuting options. For businesses looking to improve their BREEAM scores, investing in robust EOTF can be a strategic move. These facilities make cycling, walking, and other forms of active transport more feasible and attractive for employees, directly supporting TRA 03’s goals. Implementing these facilities not only reflects an investment in employee health and environmental responsibility but also positions a business as a leader in sustainable practices within its community.

    BREEAM Bike Storage?

    First things first;

    BREEAM is used to certify buildings, not products. Cycle parking systems cannot, therefore, be considered inherently ‘BREEAM compliant’. These must be assessed in context with reference to their location and the intended user profile.  

    BREEAM Knowledge Base:

    With that being said, our experienced team can help you through the design, supply and installation journey for your bicycle storage by helping you select the correct products to make your available space as usable and storage efficient as possible.

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    Interested in exploring bespoke bike storage solutions for your workplace? Contact us today to see how we can help make your office more bike-friendly.

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