Bike Storage for Your New Home

People usually move houses to live closer to work or relocate to a bigger home. When you move, you have to mull over many things such as energy suppliers and broadband connections in preparation. Papernest makes this easier by moving your existing utilities contracts over for you as well as making sure that you are getting the best deal – check out their website for further information.

You also know that while moving house you have to re-organize your belongings such as clothes, appliances, vehicles etc. properly, especially if you have limited space. 

bike shelter for home

Often people find it difficult to store their bikes in a new space since building a garage or new space may be expensive. In this article we run through some tips on finding and creating secure bike storage for your bikes in your new home.

How to store bikes after moving house?

It might be tough to store your bike, especially if your new home is has limited outdoor areas. If you are lucky, your new house or apartment may have designated space for your bikes. In this case you may want to skip down to our tips on space saving and securing your bike with our Sold Secure fixings. If you do not have a designated bike parking area then let’s start with that:

Choosing a suitable bike parking space

The first step in setting up your new bike store is finding the best location for it. This will vary hugely depending upon the type of property that you are moving into, but you want to try and find something that is;

Accessible: the more accessible your bike is the more likely that you are to use it!

Secure: a lot of bikes get stored outside. This is usually for a number of reasons; you don’t want the bike getting in the way of your living space, and you don’t want a bike bringing dirt into your home! Keeping your bike outside leaves it more vulnerable to theft, so it is important to consider security as much as possible.

Space saving: unless you have the luxury of lots of space, this is also usually a significant consideration for most of us. To save space, hanging a bike on a suitable wall is your best bet, although this is not always possible.

Let’s look at each one of these issues in a bit more depth:

Accessible bike parking spaces

Choosing a bike parking space that is accessible and easy to get to will mean that you’re more likely to use your bike! This is better for your body, your wallet and the environment than most other methods of transport, so the more you can do it, the better!

The most accessible bike space will be determined by your home’s layout, however something to bear in mind is that most bikes are around 1.8 metres long, 0.7 metres wide and 1.2 metres high. So this is the space the bike will require when stored. Do not forget that you will also need some space to manoeuvre yourself and bike to the bike space!

Space saving bike parking spaces

Usually saving space is also high on the agenda. The most space efficient way of storing a bike is vertically, using one of our vertical bike wall hangers. Multiple wall hangers can be fitted to a wall at staggered heights, so the bikes can be stored closer together without the handle bars touching to further save space.

If space is not such an issue, then you may want to consider a more secure bike shed or bike locker, which take up a little more space, but provide much more security and protection for your bikes.

Secure bike parking spaces

It is important that once you have chosen where you are going to store your bike, you make sure it is as secure as it can be to help avoid theft.

Access and lighting to the space is extremely important, as these factors will help deter thieves in the first place. 

We provide a range of hasp & staples, padlocks and ground anchors to lock your bike to. Many of our products have a Sold Secure rating, which means they have been independently attack tested with the rating showing how secure they are. Ultimately the best way to deter a thief is by putting them off in the first place with security lights and CCTV if possible.

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